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I suppose there is also some cross-over with cottage core…

Spitalfields city farm, just off brick lane. You’ve probably seen it out the window on the overground to Shoreditch high street. Maybe you’ve visited once or twice.

If you ask me,

It is THE queer romance destination.

A very lgbtq+ friendly spot due to the lovely queer staff (including my own little baby sister!) and it’s a little maze of gorgeous community food patches, sweet rescue animals, a lovely tea hut, and cobbled paths to hold hands down.

Oh and there is a Yurt

And a wood stove to keep it warm and toasty!

So yeah, I had to arrange a singles event there, I rented that yurt, I arranged a Farm tour, I booked an animal meet and greet and I can’t wait!

So if you’re queer and single/ready to mingle, and you wanna meet some bunnies and some donkeys and do some cute crafts with other fruities looking for cuties, I’ll see you there!

Honestly, there is not a better place to meet your person than at a queer singles event on a farm <3

Kim xxx

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