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Since before I ever started matchmaking I have been giving out free love advice. I’ll be honest, when I was younger the advice was not all great - I’ve definitely given biased advice to friends, and plenty of unsolicited advice when really all they wanted was someone to listen. But through growing and learning, and becoming a professional Matchmaker, my advice has become golden.

And I’m going to be giving golden nuggets of advice away for free!

I’m so excited for a day of listening to and easing people's love woes - sitting in the LUSH cafe chatting about friendship, romance, partnership, family, and all the problems these complex relationships and connections can bring up.

Whether it’s concerns about a romantic partner, a conflict between friends, a confusing crush - I can help you to un-muddle the thoughts and feelings you have about it and find some peace among the chaos of human connection!

Come and join me any time during the day on Saturday 12th February - in the cafe upstairs at Lush Oxford Street - I can’t wait to meet you!


Here is a photo of me from when I used to work at Lush way back :D

look at that baby!

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