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Gifts for your favourite Queer Witch!

Here is a bunch of gift ideas for your favourite queer witch ‑ I've kept the creator suggestions mostly small, local and queer ‑ so have a look if you have someone ooky spooky to buy for 🪄


Anyone who practices tarot will tell you that having a good connection to the deck is vital - and if you’re a queer witch - a deck full of lgbtq+ georgeousness is perfect. Here are a few options from lgbtq+ creators based in the UK - support your local queer witch!

The Sapphic Enchantress Tarot Deck

Such beautiful illustrations and comes with some lovely extras - buy here

The Big Gay Tarot Deck

Need I say more? - buy here

ELAK Tarot Deck

So colourful and gorgeous! - buy here

Tarot Rama

The perfect pastel deck - buy here

Rainbow Tarot Card Tote

If you know they are into tarot but already have a sizable collection of decks - one of the queer tarot inspired tote bags from leftbians could be a lovely gift - buy here

Trans Lives Are Magic - Star Tarot Card Print

And this ‘trans lives are magic’ by off you pop is inspired by the star card - and available as a print or a tshirt - and all the profits go towards gender affirming surgeries - buy here

Horror Inspired Art Prints

Whether you are a witch, or just ooky spooky - Kim Thompson’s art is perfect - she makes work inspired by horror icons that I wish to fill my walls with <3 buy here

Campy, Creepy Decor!

Object lover makes all sorts of homewares from recyclable plastic - but only the hand tray is spoopy enough for this gift guide - I love it <3 - buy here

Pastel Goth Pins and Apparel

Abrapallen’s designs are so beautiful - the vibe is pastel, gothic, witchy and queer - badges to fill up your denim jacket and tshirts so everyone can know you’re hardcore (pastel) goth. - buy here

Ritual Candles

The practicing witch can never have too many candles - and these handmade candles and ritual tools from Magic Hour are perfect. There are candles made specifically for different rituals, elements and areas of practice - and even a yule candle - so you can bring them some light on the longest night of the year. - buy here

Witchy Ceramics

And finally - for the friend who is more of a meg and mog kinda witch - Alex Stickling. Not all witch themed - Alex makes ceramics with the sweetest illustrations on them. From pinch pots to tshirts, intricately painted plates and beautiful ornaments - there is sure to be something for your budget for the meg to your mog <3 - buy here

Matchmaking voucher!

And for the lonely queer witch, a matchmaking voucher! Help them find their partner in magick, or someone new to add to their coven 💖 - buy here

If none of these gifts work for you, or your budget - don't forget - witches don't need a single thing to practice - the most powerful tool is the witch themself!

So don't feel pressured to get them anything spenny - bring them some herbs, a plain, cheap candle - or just your company is a gift enough <3

Merry Yule everyone!

Kim xxx

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