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Yeeesh, February has been the longest month of the year for me! Absolutely chock full of events and meetings and LOVE.

Here is what I was up to for the month of LOVE:

So first up was the LOVE MONTH edition of the Monthly Queer meet up - FRUIT SALAD SOCIAL

We met in Grandad's shed, as usual, at Little Nans - our own private little arch full of cozy lights and leopard print, and slowly the group grew and grew until there were a few little groups of chatting going on.

My friend/platonic wife was visiting from the Netherlands so it was extra nice for me, and everyone that chatted to her tbh.

This was such a sweet event, I had such lovely chats with you all, there is even possible collaboration with one of you on the cards! I hope everyone that came had as good a time as I did!

The next Fruit Salad Social is coming up actually - on Thursday 10th march - 6pm-10pm - same place, in grandads shed at Little Nans!

Next up was FREE LOVE ADVICE at Lush Oxford Street - I give out Love Advice all day but I've never done this type of event before - it was intense at times but such an incredible day.

It felt like I really helped some people figure out their situation and see it from a clearer perspective - I would be so interested to hear from anyone who I spoke to that day on what they thought as well.

The sweetest story I have from this event was the guy who came up early in the day when I wasn't busy yet and said 'I don't need any love advice, I'm just really excited about my partner - can I talk to you about them!?!?' and then told me about their love story! what a way to start a day of love advice <3

Lush were the nicest hosts, all the employees were so friendly and sweet, and I actually owe a few of them a session because I had to leave before they could finish their shifts (migraine 🥲).

One of the staff I did get to chat with even gave me a bubble bar as their random act of kindness to say thanks!!! It was the lemon one in case you wondered and I love it 🥰

I definitely want to do this event again - I mean I left my fruit bowl behind so I'll just have to go back to give out more free love advice!

Next up was the Spitalfields City Farm event!

It was a little overcast but we managed to get a tour of the farm from my sister (and long time Spitalfields volunteer/employee) Izzy, here are some snippets:

Then we headed to the Yurt to meet some guinea pigs! So cute! One of them was very ready for the camera, and we had a nervous bean as well who was hiding under the hay at first but could be coaxed out with some carrot 🥰

Then we met and fed some goats and I didn't get any pics of that, but this was when it started raining...

The farm lent us umbrellas and we headed to Glasshouse Shoreditch, Common Press cafe - which was full 🥹 so we went to another place and chatted together!

It was so wholesome and I really want to put on an event like this again!

The FRUIT SALAD SALON was supposed to be next - but had to be cancelled as the storm messed up the transport links to the event 😔 the event WILL HAPPEN in the future - I'm arranging it as we speak!

Here are the nail art designs we picked out anyway:

And of course you'll be able to get those designs in any of the colours in the Shoreditch Nails Polish line :)

Keep an eye out for announcements about when the nail event will be!

Next up, on the Sunday after the storm, we got all cozy in Badger Badger at the Craft & Mend Sew-cial! Becky from Queer Craft London brought loads of supplies and a gorgeous zine on mending, and we chatted and mended and stitched.

I think the biggest triumph of the day was this needle felt mend by someone who HAD NEVER NEEDLE FELTED BEFORE - now that is natural talent!

The last event of the month was the Queer Off MATES AND DATES Speed Dating Event! I was a long-time fan, first-time collaborator with Queer Off - and what an amazing night it was! We did some speed dating with conversation cards, I took part and had such a lovely time chatting with you all! I definitely have some friend crushes after that night!

Then a performance by Alex who brought us 2 numbers and 3 looks - so gorgeous - we love an overachiever🥰

We finished up the night with a game and some music and I went home so happy, my cheeks hurt from smiling <3

So that is what has been going on this past month. For the month of March I am only hosting a few fewer events, to recover and focus on matchmaking clients - and then from April onwards I'll be doing 3 events per month! maybe 4.... we'll see!

Here is what is coming up as of today:


The monthly queer meet up is back back back again - come along for friendly vibes, lovely people and CONNECTION!

DATE : Thursday 10th March ⁠

TIME : 6pm-10pm⁠

LOCATION : @littlenansbar

TICKETS : FREE (but CLICK HERE to let me know you're coming!)⁠

MORE DETAILS : Click here


The lovely 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Collective' have asked me to host a knitting session as part of their month of events at the Peckham Pelican.

We will sit in a circle (or a few circles) around a knitted square and all work on the same piece together. Then once we are finished we'll be able to see a representation of our time together, chatting and connecting.


We will provide all the materials and the lovely BLD collective will be there, and so will I to help out anyone new to the world of knitting. And anyway, you don't need to be neat or fast, you only need to be yourself!

Click here to see the other workshops on their calendar

Can't wait to see you all and to knit with you all!

DATE : Thursday 17th March

TIME : 4pm -8:30pm - but drop in when you can

LOCATION : Peckham Pelican

TICKETS : FREE (but CLICK HERE to let me know you're coming or for more info!)


There are a few other things in the works but, you'll just have to wait and see what they are!

I hope you had a lovely February, and if a troubled dating life is a reason you didn't - send in your woes for the podcast or get in touch about working with me, whatever you're worried about - I can help you work through it.

Kim xxx

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