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If you're bi but scared to date other lgbtq+ people - this matchmaking service is for you!

I recently spoke to someone having trouble accepting their Bisexuality - feeling the sting of bi-phobia from inside the community and not really feeling bi ‘enough’.

I feel that.

Personally, I am pansexual and NB/gender fluid/gender apathetic - but I am mostly seen as straight and as a woman - I know this inner dialogue well.

It can be exhausting to feel invalid in your identity - questioning yourself every time you realize you fancy someone, start a new relationship, have a sex dream…

Maybe even more often than that

Unpacking things like this is a big part of the sessions I do - and though it's always better to have these conversations one to one - I’ll be delving into where a lot of the mind fucks of being bi/pan/queer come from in the next podcast episode.

I’ll be offering some explanation and practical tips to all the bi/pan/queer babes struggling with this - but for now, I offer one piece of advice.

Ensure you are receiving a generous amount of bi/pan/queer content in your everyday life.

It is society that gives us our shame and feelings of inadequacy about our sexuality - when we surround ourselves with reassuring, encouraging voices, we are reminded that the way we are is okay, nothing has gone wrong - and no one has to choose a side.

So, here is some affirming bisexual and pansexual content:

vvvv CW - the start of this episode involves very explicit language vvvv

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