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Jess young is the coolest ever

She really is...

I first heard of her via a flyer for her project boys in polish, which is exactly as it sounds with the aim of:

"making manicures inclusive

one manicured finger at a time."

"A community that encourages men to confront toxic masculinity through nail art experiences"

I thought the project sounded so cool, and then later when I found Jess' nail art via her Beauty Stack account I was so excited that it was the same person!

When I first reached out to salons and nail artists about doing this salon singles event, Jess replied first and so enthusiastically, sent me recommendations for salons to connect with and other nail artists that might be interested in the future - I can tell you I don't always get such lovely responses and she made me very excited to get to work on the event!

Her designs are amazing, she is a seriously talented nail artist...

...however, her talents don't stop there, oh no.

She studied music production and now she's a producer, DJ and musician - she describes her genre as ‘ a fusion of timeless, chilled out soul, funk, house and R&B’. and it has been such a lovely soundtrack to these sunnier days we've been having, took me through the bank holiday weekend :)

The link in her bio is full to the brim with treats for your eyes and your ears <3

I am such a huge fan of Jess', and I haven't even met her yet :)

Come along to the Fruit Salad Salon, have your nails blessed by Jess and the other incredible artists at Shoreditch nails, and meet some gorgeous people to connect with!

I can't wait to meet you all!

Kim xxx

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