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You might have seen the ‘Craft and Mend Sew-cial’ event coming up and wondered, who is bringing their skills and guidance (and materials) along to help us fix up our clothes while we socialise with other queer singles/ready to mingles?

Well, it’s Becky (they/them) from Queer Craft London!

Lucky for me, they came along to the December Fruit Salad Social - I recognized them from instagram by their completely orange outfit (including hair and eyebrows). They were so friendly and enthusiastic and sweet, it was lovely to chat to them and get to know them a bit - and when I realised they were behind Queer Craft London as well - I HAD to ask them to collaborate.

We met up to chat about being freelance/business owners, swap skills and figure out a good collab and I’m so glad I got to connect with them. I’ll let them tell you about themself and Queer Craft London in their own words:

I’m Becky (they/them) constantly covered in thread, I’m a collector of crafts and mad about the human and environmental impact of fast fashion. I learned mending through my work in costume for theater, and darning, repairing and embellishing my own pre-loved clothes!

Mending is my most favourite pastime and main love language! It’s mindful, it’s sustainable and ethical, it’s anti capitalist, it’s political and it’s queer! Each mend adds a story, delays a garments journey to landfill, celebrates sustainability, and adds your unique creativity to your fun, vibrant and ethical wardrobe!

I set up Queer Craft last year, a social where anyone who identifies under the broad queer and trans umbrellas and has an interest in all things craft can hang out in a queer only space to dedicate time to their craft and build community!

The event we ended up putting together is a Craft & Mend Sew-cial - people come along with clothes that need fixing, and Becky brings the materials, the guides and the skills to help any newbies to be mending what needs tending.

If you’re new to sewing and mending this is the event for you!

“Bring your favourite craft/work in progress or 1-2 small mending projects that can be mended by hand. I’ll be providing materials but if you have any bring them along, e.g.

  • Needles

  • Thimbles

  • An embroidery hoop

  • Snips

  • Thread

  • Fabric offcuts to use as patches

This isn’t necessarily a structured workshop, but a CUTE social of like minded singles. I’ll be on hand to help you get started on your repairs and give advice! If you have a project that needs specific materials or matching threads etc, I recommend you buy these ahead of the social to bring with you!

We will mending your well loved garments and textile items using patches, sashiko and boro style stitching - a great place to start for beginners!

Examples of projects could include:

  • Patching holes in the knee or crotch of your trousers

  • Mending a tear in the armhole of your shirt

  • Fixing the lining of your pocket

If you have an idea but aren't sure if it’s suitable or what you might need to bring along , please pop me a message over at @queercraftlondon!”

So if you’re someone who cares about sustainable practices in terms of clothing, a master crafter, or someone who wants to learn to make their clothes last longer - come along!

The tickets are £5 to pay for materials and Becky’s time and expertise - but if you can’t cover that, let me know and I’ll arrange a free ticket for you <3


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