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OUR FIRST EVER EVENT is coming up: ZINE DATING! But what is that?

dw, I'll explain:

I'll be at Glass House Shoreditch - in THE COMMON PRESS cafe on SUNDAY the 12th of SEPTEMBER from 11am-5pm, DROP IN to take part!

I'm borrowing the queerest, sexiest, lovey-dovey-est section of the Grrrl Zine Library for you to look through for inspiration!

When you've read through all the zines you like it's time to get busy making your own zine!

If you have never made a zine before - don't worry! There will be lots of supplies for you to use, a DIY guide by Grrrl Zine Fair, and lot's of help from me so you can figure out what you're looking for in a potential match, and what you want to share about yourself.

Then to make sure lots of lovely people see your zine, they will be displayed in the Common Press cafe and shared on the A Whole Orange Instagram account. That way, plenty people can read your profile and see if they match what you're looking for - and if someone likes what they see in your zine - they can get in touch via the AWO instagram.

If you're interested - come along on Sunday the 12th of September to Common Press at Glass House Shoreditch and join in anytime from 11am - 5pm - you don't need to bring anything but yourself!

Here is the link to register that you're coming

Here is the google calendar link

See you soon!

Kim xxx

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