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If you've seen my upcoming events, you might have wondered:

How come there is a £21 manicure and a £27 one? Do I just get one hand of nail art if i get the cheap ticket?

Well, as someone who can’t splash the cash myself, I want to make sure that the single queers on a lemonade budget can still come to my events.

Transparency time - I will not make money from these events I’ve arranged for February - some of the events will make a loss, and some will make a profit and the plan is that it all shakes out for me to break even.

And so, within this budget, I have made space for some cheap tickets that cover the basic costs of that event, and a little space for some free tickets - because I want the broke babes at my event too (as a broke babe myself).

So, I’m not putting conditions on it - if you feel you need to pay the cheaper price for the event to be feasible for you - pick that cheaper ticket! Be you a student, be you self-employed, be you unemployed, be you a parent, be you in your minus every month.

If you can’t spring for the cheap ticket for whatever reason, but you still wanna come - message me and I’ll see what I can do for you!

I can’t wait to meet you all at an event soon, regardless of your bank balance

Kim x

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